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New Site!!!




Thanks for coming to my new Bisexual Porno Site! The deal is, I was saving up to buy a house during the whole pandemic lockdown. It occurred to me that I don't know anything about real estate, so I should probably invest in pornography instead. It's kinda the only thing I know anything about. As a bisexual pervert, I've thought for years that the Bisexual Porn market is underserved. After a ton of hard work with some super talented sex-worker buddies, I've got this turkey live. I really hope this site serves the need.

These first updates are the best I could do with the budget I had. I'm already talking to Aiden Star, Chi Chi Larue and other very experienced directors about making movies for this project. If this thing makes money, that will be one of the first things I do. I'll still be jumping in and directing and performing as much as I can. I'm good at making silly and fast sexy porn. They make beautiful, and higher quality stuff than I'm trained to do. I want this site to have all that.

Stay tuned! Any please comment everywhere you can! I really welcome your input.


Lance Hart

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